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About AVA Ballard

AVA Ballard is part of Avalon Community, they build and manage mixed use commercial/residential real estate nationwide. 

Our Process

Avalon came to us in need of a comprehensive interior (mixed use + parking garage) and exterior signage package for their 7 story mixed use building. As with most established developers they came with a logo, marketing, and branding and we designed a comprehensive package that suited their needs and fit their branding guidelines. 

AVA was a great client to work with, we mobilized site-surveys and visits frequently over the span of the project to really get a feel for their needs.  This included mapping the garage for necessary wayfinding and clearances, consultation with the GC for mounting the exterior signage, and coordinating with their branding guidelines for interior signage design and materials that were perfect for their modern look and feel. 

As always we start with client provided branding, and move on to color and material samples.  We take into consideration all approved FFE specs from their architects, interior designers, and contractors to find a way to integrate signage flawlessly so it either blends in subtly to be helpful when needed and never overbearing, or to stand out for a perfect branding moment. 

The Installation

Permits were required for the exterior LED lit signs, and that was handled at the very start of our process, as we had the logo and design intent from the GC we could make those necessary drawings and receive approval from the city so we could install the entire package at once, keeping us out of the way of other trades as they wrapped up their portions of the project. Installation on a project of this scope typically takes about 3-5 days, and our team was able to complete this on-time and without issues from our diligent work with the client in earlier stages of the process.