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About Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse is a leading hiring software company based in NYC and SF, founded in 2012 we have been delighted to work with them from the start in NYC, and also as they branched out into a new location in SF in 2018. Moving into their new office space in NYC and making the jump from a small startup to a big name in their industry Greenhouse faced the challenge of spatial flow and branding.  Their new location was much larger than the last, and they had to quickly and efficiently reorient both new employees and new clients.  Quickly designing and fabricating wayfinding signage and a branding moment in each level of their new space was our main goal. Once we completed a site visit with the internal project manager the design process was smooth and easily expedited. 

Our Process

For this client we needed to reference their name in their branding moment, and they loved the idea of a living wall. Due to a limited budget and space/landlord constraints we proposed a fun and unique idea of a moss wall box with a dimensional logo that was reverse illuminated for an impactful moment when the elevator doors opened into their reception area. We also designed custom ADA and 3-D wayfinding and logos throughout the space.

This was a delightful project for us, fabricating a custom wall box with moss and LED’s was something outside of the norm for us.  Thankfully they loved it so much that they contracted us to create the same signage and flow for their SF location in 2017, when we happily traveled to SF and actually built the new moss box on-site as requested!

Installation Details

Greenhouse kept the ‘fun and innovative’ theme running when they moved their NYC office in 2018 with a new take on their custom dimensional ‘foliage’ wall.  They requested that we fabricate something out of a reusable material and they wanted impact!  We collectively thought that recycled sheets of cardboard mounted together and cut to shape on our router, then faced with painted acrylic to match their branding could be beautiful and impactful in their space. After creating some samples (as this was a new process for our production team) we all agreed we had hit on exactly the feel they were trying to achieve.  This is such a unique piece that challenged our creativity and production team! 

In 2019 Greenhouse rebranded and had a big ask for us in NYC: Could we install murals and a new logo for their reception desk the DAY OF the rebrand while the entire office was off-site in a meeting?  Always up for a challenge we said yes to completing 6 new murals across three floors of their office space in record time.  Our crew was able to complete the last mural as the team returned to the office and showed their appreciation and astonishment at the rapid change that day!