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About Jet Black

Jet Black is a personal shopping service in NYC. Founded in 2018 this off-shoot of Walmart aims to serve clients who need same day delivery of goods. 

Our Process

After finding their footing in the market and relocating to a new, larger space in 2018 Jet Black reached out to us to help organize their building spaces at 110 Hudson. They needed branding and unique signage for both their office and warehouse space on the ground floor. This often included in-store client facing event signage on a quick turn around. 

The challenge for Jet Black was their need for an elevated yet whimsical feel to their signage.  Working closely with their branding advisor we were able to meet their expectations for their office space, and find creative ways to integrate new signage for their holiday events, and demarcation of their spaces between the warehouse and client accessible areas. 

Jet Black was one of our favorite types of clients: They knew what they wanted and upon providing a design package and samples they quickly approved so we could meet their move-in deadlines for installation. As with all clients we worked closely together, which included multiple site visits to ensure that each sign was a perfect fit once construction was completed. 

The Installation

The warehouse space at 110 Hudson has nearly 30 ground floor windows that we were frequently asked to re-brand with revolving signage.  This required our production and install crew to stay on their toes and on top of scheduling as we have worked within that space nearly once a month for two years.